Faculty Help 


CDI Instructional Designer Kyle Purpura helps you get your course online quickly with this on-demand webinar and short course. 

2. Canvas "How-To" Webinar Series

If you prefer learning on your own, work through our website -- CBUdigital.org. We've got links to helpful on-demand webinars, Canvas How-To guides, a digital library of curated articles, plus guides and examples to add more digital to your course. 

If you're new to CBU, we've developed this new onboarding site in Canvas to train and familiarize yourself with CBU's digital campus! Find guides and trainings for Canvas, Starfish, WebEx, Microsoft 365, Follett and more! This is also a great roadmap for veteran CBU professors. Click here to check it out (you'll need to sign-in to Canvas to enter.) 

5. Facilitated CDI Training

Each semester, you can register for CDI training facilitated by our team. The Center for Digital Instruction offers two classes that develop your skills as an online educator and course designer. Both provide stipends and a path to earning more money for developing additional online courses. 

6. CDI Resource PDF

Like to keep your help resources on a PDF? Go here for a PDF of our main help resources

7. Email or Call Us!

When we say we are here to serve -- we really mean it! Email or call us and a member of our team will assist you as soon as possible: cdi@cbu.edu (901) 321-4004.