Digital First

Canvas Presence for Every Classroom 

To provide the best experience for our students, all CBU courses are required to place a syllabus on a published Canvas shell. Students will be able to see all of their courses, regardless of format, on their Canvas dashboard. CDI also encourages creating a simple home page to help guide students. 

Canvas as digital hub. 

The Canvas Dashboard can be our digital campus. Every CBU course already has a Canvas shell, and all you have to do is activate it. Regardless of the mode you plan to teach this semester, an enhanced published Canvas presence at the beginning of the semester means your students will know how to get to class, no matter what happens. 

Follow these paths to add a few more elements, and you've got a Canvas presence ready for change.

Canvas as your digital organizer. 

If you're teaching in person this semester, use Canvas as a way to organize your class. 

Before the semester begins: 

If we must quickly move to remote learning: 

Use your CBU email address and password, if you are prompted to log into Canvas to see examples.

Canvas as a student guidepost. 

If, in the event of a quick switch to remote, you plan to use WebEx or some other platform instead of Canvas, maintain your Canvas presence to guide your students. 

Before the semester begins: 

If we must move quickly to remote learning: 

Canvas as classroom complement.

Sprinkle some Canvas into a traditional classroom to amplify learning and simplify teaching.

Before the semester begins:

Amplify with Canvas: 

Simplify with Canvas: 

Canvas Training

We have five ways to learn more about Canvas: