CBU Canvas Requirements

Required Canvas Presence for All Courses

As of Fall 2022, CBU requires that all courses, whether face-to-face or online, must have a basic Canvas presence. The basic requirement is that all Canvas shells contain your syllabus and are published

See Fall 2022 email from the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Attendance and Grades will continue to be posted in Banner. To minimize student confusion, please edit the Home and Syllabus pages of the course so that your published shell looks complete for students. When these elements are activated before the semester begins and your course is published, students will be able to see your course on their Canvas Dashboard. 

Requirements for Hybrid and Online Courses

To best serve students, all hybrid and online courses at CBU must meet the following basic requirements:

The standards are not intended to hinder the creativity, autonomy, and expertise of the professor designing the course. Rather, these standards are in place to limit frustration and confusion for students, so that they are ready and able to learn.  

The CBU Center for Digital Instruction (CDI) team will check that all online courses meet these standards on the first day of each term. If you need assistance with any of the standards, the CDI team is always there to help. They can be reached at CDI@cbu.edu or (901) 321-4004.  We also encourage you to read the CBU Online Handbook for additional guidance.