CBU Global College Course Standards

CBU Global College Announcement

From the CBU Office of Academic Affairs: April 19, 2022

In April of 2022, CBU announced the launch of Global College to affirm CBU’s positioning in online and distance education.

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Within higher education, the online space has become increasingly competitive, due in part to the pandemic, but also to cultural changes that continue to make online learning and remote work more attractive and feasible. Every college has made some shift to online/virtual learning, and most have decided to make some of these digital changes permanent.

If CBU Global College and the students who enroll are to succeed, it is critical that our online courses are consistent in quality, design, and implementation.

Beginning Summer 2022, all courses taught online for CBU must meet these basic standards by the first day of each term:

  • Executive pages

    • Home landing page updated beyond filler text

    • Current Syllabus

    • Contact information for the instructor(s)

  • Means of assessment and engagement

    • Correct dates applied

    • Clear instructions for where to engage, submit, or enter content.

  • Structure that leads the student through the course

    • All necessary resources and links are confirmed intact

    • All media accessible (when needed)

These standards are in place so that students can expect consistent structure, quality, and clarity from every online course they take at CBU.

CBU Online Minimum Standards

The standards are not intended to hinder the creativity, autonomy, and expertise of the professor designing the course. Rather, these standards are in place to limit frustration and confusion for students, so that they are ready and able to learn.

The CBU Center for Digital Instruction (CDI) team will check that all online courses meet these standards on the first day of each term. If you need assistance with any of the standards, the CDI team is always there to help. They can be reached at CDI@cbu.edu or (901) 321-4004. We also encourage you to read the CBU Online Handbook for additional guidance.

If you need any other resources for online teaching, you can find them on this site: CBUdigital.org