CDI Webinars

CDI Recorded Webinars

Using Microsoft Teams

All Fall 2022 courses use Microsoft Teams.

Importing Course Content

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, we will take you through the process of entering your new semester Canvas course, clearing out any unwanted content from it, and then importing content from a previous semester.

Video in Online Courses

Hosted November 2020

In this webinar, find out how to make simple, quality videos, using the WIN 10 video editor, and free, open-source video software, OBS. Make sure to go to the Video Course Playlist for excellent video tips and our custom instructional videos for using video editors.

Seat Time Estimator (STE)

Hosted November 2020

CDI has developed a tool to help you gauge the time it can take a student to move through your course. It is based on work out of the American Public University System. Keep in mind that this tool provides a rough estimate, not a precise figure. The tool is designed to give you a sense of whether the course is too full, too light, or just about right. Give yourself 30-60 minutes to complete and have your syllabus nearby for reference. The webinar shows how to use the STE.